The Hometown That Held You

You know two things about the place you were raised, you love it.. and you hate it.

You hate the trapped feeling it gave you in your teenage years, like you’d never get out, like you’d be shackled to this place forever. You hate how the people here seem like they never change, like they never grow. You hate watching everyone who got out live a new life in a new place when you’re still here, waiting on someday.

You love the security of your comfortable patterns here. You love the feeling of knowing all the back roads and where to get the best burgers. You love that your friends are only ever 20 minutes away from you and you love that you always know what to expect from the people that live here.

Someday comes.

Here you are, not shackled anymore but the truth is, you’re still tied. Tied to this place by heart strings and memories. This is the place that made you from scratch. The place that built you up, and in some cases tore you down. Be grateful. Grateful for those tear downs, because without them how else would you have learned to build?

We think we hate the home that held us, the easy breezy back yards we’ve played in since we could walk. You think you want new back roads and Sheetz instead of Wawa.

As you move on you’ll miss your once too small town. You’ll miss the people who reapted the same jokes. You’ll miss being able to go anywhere and see someone you knew.

Once someday comes, yesterday is gone. Tomorrow takes your breath away as you build a new life in a new place, but it doesn’t have the warmth of home… not yet. It doesn’t hold you when you cry anymore, it expects you to get up dust yourself off and get on with it.

All the love you have in the place you left will pull you through. You’ll know it’s possible to build here because you were taught how to do this before. Don’t let missing those comfortable patterns trick you into turning around. Stick it out through the days that are tough on your heart, be grateful it’s still beating. Be grateful it can feel something, even if that something is pain.

You will go into the next phase of your life unaware of what it will bring. Newness might go easy on you, it may sweep you away in a feel good feeling. It may be hard on your heart, the change it brings may unsettle your soul. Either way the good will always loop back around to pick you up.

Someday is here, it’s always here. Someday you’re going to get where you’re going, and you’re going to go where you’ve been.

Just remember that in all this coming and going, home is where the grateful heart is.