Mama’s Mac

So, I see this all the time… boxed mac and cheese. I know all college kids are supposed to flourish on ramen and easy mac but the truth is, you don’t. So, I think we should all leave fake powdered cheese and uncooked pasta in 2017 with whatever other bad habits and crappy people you decided to leave there.

Something me and my mom love to do is cook together. Now I know Mac and Cheese is not the healthiest choice. In fact, you’re only supposed to have a lipstick size severing of cheese a day! But, none of us have ever listened to that, except my vegan pals, and none of us are going to. Don’t let me ruin your new years diet but next time you reach for that  powdered cheese nasty-ness, think of this recipe and how much better life could be.


Lets get down to it.

Here’s what you’ll need :

  • 1 pound elbow pasta
  • 4 cups cheddar cheese
  • 3 cups milk
  • 2 cups velveeta cheese
  • 1/2 tablespoon ground mustard
  • salt & pepper as needed
  • 3/4 cup of breadcrumbs

What to do:

Boil the pasta.

Mix up the cheeses, milk, ground mustard, salt, and pepper in a sauce pan.

Put your now cooked pasta in a glass dish and pour your cheese mixture in and stir.

Once all the pasta is coated in cheese sprinkle your breadcrumbs on.

Put in the oven bake at 350 degrees for about 25-30 minutes


This a great dish to make on a cold day, like today since we are in the first blizzard of 2018. It also heats up great at night for a midnight snack!! That is if you have power. Stay warm.

Put good energy into the world, and good food into your body.


Asking For Help

I’ve recently found myself in a complicated situation. When I went to ask for help from someone I care for, I realized I had no idea how to ask. I wanted desperately to tell this person that I needed them, but I was both unsure and unconfident about where to begin. I knew if I said I needed help they wouldn’t hesitate to be by my side, but I couldn’t gather the courage. What I’ve learned about myself is I’m extremely deflective of all my pain like many others.

When I am unable to handle something completely alone I often feel incompetent or weak. Nobody finds comfort in these feelings. I frequently forget that many people have empathy for me and would do their best to help me in any way they can. Even in the darkest moments of my life I have never asked for help.

Being capable of handling a situation yourself and being confident that you can ask for help is so important. Often, we deflect our feelings and downplay the most difficult things in our lives because we don’t know what else to do. We become fearful that others will be uncomfortable or reject us in our time of need, causing us to become increasingly more vulnerable.

IMG_8966 2

What we forget is that most of the people in our lives love and care for us more than we know. People have a hard time showing their true feelings just like they have a hard time asking for help. Many of us wouldn’t hesitate to bend over backwards to help someone we care for, so why don’t we have the same faith in those that care for us?

Put good energy into the world, and put confidence in your people.


Let Go

Sometimes in life we get stuck in the same old routines because it’s safe. It’s natural for people to hold onto things they no longer want or need just because they are familiar. The thing about life is that it’s constantly shifting all around us. When we don’t shift with it, we risk getting caught up in old patterns that send us in circles. We shouldn’t fear letting something go that can’t fit in our life anymore.

In many situations, negative things are just not meant to be held onto so tightly. The point is to learn from them and then, let them go. Whether we’re holding onto a physical object, a bad habit, or a person that no longer allows you to grow, letting go is a long difficult process. It requires the utmost of strength and courage to allow a piece of your life to slip away but, it’s important to muster up that power when an aspect of our lives is no longer benefiting us.

Breaking out of patterns that don’t contribute positively to our lives is necessary to become a well-rounded person. So, we should always do our best to try new things and make our life a bit more interesting. Life is full of opportunities and sometimes we don’t take them because we are scared to shake things up. When life comes full circle and we discover an aspect that no longer fits in with who we are, we can make one of two choices, we can take a new path…or we can round the bend again.


It may take a few trips around the sun to figure out what things in life are worth holding onto and what things to let pass but, once you clear out the clutter, form good habits, and find the perfect people your life will brighten immensely. Now that’s not to say the bad things in our life don’t serve a purpose, just that the purpose has a time limit and we shouldn’t extend it if it doesn’t benefit us.  As long as it takes, always push for the positive.

Put good energy into the world, and push for the positive.



Staying Motivated

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives the “To Do” list can become a little overwhelming. The days and weeks all begin to run together and the next thing you know, you’ve missed two deadlines and you’re coming up on a third. In my first semester of college I have spent many days standing in awe at the mess I have made of my calendar. Too much to do in too little time and all I want to do in these moments is nap it off. It came as shock but napping it off proved to be less effective than I was hoping. I woke up even more stressed because now I had less time in an already time crunched situation.

Here’s how I managed to motivate myself:

Every day I set an alarm at a reasonable time. I’m not taking over the world so I don’t need to be up at 6am. Some people like the morning so 6am might be a great time for them… I am not one of these people.

In this hour before class I make my bed. It is such a small thing to do but it’s the first accomplishment of the day which sets the stage for more accomplishments. Then, I check my calendar which I set up at the start of each month. For me being able to see the whole month rather than the week makes it easier to plan out my days. Its nice to, “see the big picture”, as they say. After seeing what the day holds I make my “To Do” list.

The “To Do” list is helpful to see how your day will play out. I am always sure to make time for myself in these lists. One hour is always for a breather which I normally spin into a nap… a nap that’s not an “escape your life” nap.

Going to class is obviously on the list along with studying. The motivation comes in during the day because if I get x, y, and z done I get nap time! Then I do some more required tasks and I’ll have dinner with my friends… if I don’t finish my work I have to eat without them.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I always knock out my day with the gym which is not required per say but totally necessary. Going to the gym is good for me because of my anxiety and also helps me sleep at night. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day helps me get ready for another day of success and it’s said it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit. So, 30 days of being motivated means a habit of motivating myself.

Everyone has different ways to help them stay focused it’s a matter of figuring out what kind of reward to dangle in front of yourself. For me it’s napping, friends, and the gym. For other people it might be alone time or a walk outside maybe even online shopping! Once you figure out how to get yourself in gear it’s best to stay there.

Put good energy into the world, and put good energy into yourself.


When the Waves of Anxiety Hit

As someone who suffers from anxiety I can tell you first hand that a “wave of anxiety” feels more like a tsunami sometimes than your average rolling beach waves. Anxiety can come in many forms and be triggered by a multitude of things. One moment can set you off into a downward spiral even if it doesn’t seem like that big of an issue. Worrying about every little detail in life gets tiring and you end up making situations worse in your head than they really are. When these tsunamis hit don’t spiral!

Learning to cope with anxiety is a long and treacherous road but sometimes this road is best run, or walked on a slight incline, on a treadmill! The thing about anxiety is that it’s all this built up energy you have been holding inside and when you let it all go it hits too hard too fast. Nobody can withstand all these emotions consuming them at once. So what I do to help ease the waves are to get all the energy out of my body prior to the meltdown.

Going to the gym requires dedication and a lot of time but having a place to go and de-stress is important to live a healthy life. I have found that it’s extremely difficult to “lose it” when you have nothing left to lose. Running out your work frustrations or family issues can seem daunting but trust me it helps. There’s nothing to focus on when you’re pushing your body to its physical limits except your physical limits. Getting in the gym clears your mind and gives you one centered spot to place your attention. After you’ve run it all out, lifted it all out, or wall sat your way into exhaustion your energy will not be so pent-up inside you. This leaves you with a little ripple of anxiety rather than a wave.


Anxiety is different for everyone making it difficult to cope with. There’s no, “one size fits all” solution when it comes to calming your thoughts but,  giving every option a try can only increase your chances of finding that magical fix for at least some moments of zen.

Put good energy into the world, and turn anxiety waves into ripples.



Forty-nine minutes Till Midnight 

It’s that time…the wishing number on our clock. Eleven eleven I wish. Eleven eleven I wish I never met you. I recently found a song on apple music called “11:11” and the lyrics depict a distraught state of mind because the singer hates someone they once loved. It’s a song that many of us can instantly connect to but you can’t find peace in its words.

That song aside I think its true that people come into our lives for a purpose. Sometimes that purpose requires them to stay and teach you for the entirety of their time here on earth. Other times they will float into our lives and, what often will feel twice as quickly, fly right back out. While long-lasting friendships and relationships are extremely important to help us through this chaotic world many times we need people to be lessons in our lives. Wether we ruin the relationship ourselves or they hurt us in a way that changes us forever in each person, we can learn.


In each person we can learn…if we choose to. It’s a matter of putting ourselves out there and communicating with each other. It’s not always going to be a pleasant conversation but at least we are talking. There will always be times when we regret some things we have said but, in the end the things we regret the most are the things we never got the chance to say.

While learning right from wrong through experiences is very important it is what we do with our new-found knowledge that really counts for us in the long run. We can let the loss of a person, in any matter, completely ruin us but we can’t forget that Rome was built on ruins. Like Rome we can build our lives up to be as beautiful and intricate as the city itself even after devastation. In each person we can also be the teacher. Choosing to have a positive impact on someone’s life can bring us not only closer to each other but, closer to that happiness we have all been pursuing.

So it’s eleven-eleven and my wish is that as I go through life I am always appreciative of the people in it. That I take the good with the bad and value every experience. That I take my relationships with others and grow with them, and when I don’t my wish is that I am able to understand why.

Put good energy into the world, and appreciate what the world gives you.