Self Care is for YOU

In the spirit of my last post about the importance of mental health I wanted to write about self care. Many people think “self-care” and, assume pedicures and spa days. While I am no stranger to a deluxe pedicure or a 20 minute face mask, it is important to remember self-care is not always as glamorous as a fancy 19 year old’s Instagram posts make it out to be.

Self care can come up in a variety of ways and is considered anything you do for YOU. Sometimes locking ourselves away so we can have a loud ugly cry in private, and not break down in the line at Walmart, is what we have to do to self-care. Remembering to eat or taking it a step further and making your favorite meal can result in a much more fulfilled day. Sometimes the most we can do for ourselves is just take a shower. Washing off the day, climbing into bed and just taking a deep breath is one of the best forms, in my opinion, of self care.

We tend to get caught up in the way the media portrays self-care and think to care about ourselves, we need to shove a whole Acai bowl down our throats. This is not the case. Just because your yoga teacher eats a banana when she’s sad and buys $100 yoga mats it doesn’t mean that, that is what will improve your life.

Self care is all about YOU. You need to have some kind of understanding about who you are as a person in order to help calm your own life or, excite it if that’s your style. Jumping on the bandwagon of Sunday morning yoga class and an afternoon brunch with the girls is not going to help you, if that is not how you function. We all move about this life in different ways, taking time for ourselves to do the things we like or need is very important to living a productive healthy life. Every now and then it’s good to take a step back from the world and put a little effort into yourself. 

Put good energy into the world, and put good energy into yourself.


Author: Samantha

I believe everyone in life has a purpose. Right now I am on my way to finding mine. With the helpful hints and emotional support of others I have managed to keep moving forward in a world that constantly tries to push you back. This is my journey.

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