Staying Motivated

Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our busy lives the “To Do” list can become a little overwhelming. The days and weeks all begin to run together and the next thing you know, you’ve missed two deadlines and you’re coming up on a third. In my first semester of college I have spent many days standing in awe at the mess I have made of my calendar. Too much to do in too little time and all I want to do in these moments is nap it off. It came as shock but napping it off proved to be less effective than I was hoping. I woke up even more stressed because now I had less time in an already time crunched situation.

Here’s how I managed to motivate myself:

Every day I set an alarm at a reasonable time. I’m not taking over the world so I don’t need to be up at 6am. Some people like the morning so 6am might be a great time for them… I am not one of these people.

In this hour before class I make my bed. It is such a small thing to do but it’s the first accomplishment of the day which sets the stage for more accomplishments. Then, I check my calendar which I set up at the start of each month. For me being able to see the whole month rather than the week makes it easier to plan out my days. Its nice to, “see the big picture”, as they say. After seeing what the day holds I make my “To Do” list.

The “To Do” list is helpful to see how your day will play out. I am always sure to make time for myself in these lists. One hour is always for a breather which I normally spin into a nap… a nap that’s not an “escape your life” nap.

Going to class is obviously on the list along with studying. The motivation comes in during the day because if I get x, y, and z done I get nap time! Then I do some more required tasks and I’ll have dinner with my friends… if I don’t finish my work I have to eat without them.

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I always knock out my day with the gym which is not required per say but totally necessary. Going to the gym is good for me because of my anxiety and also helps me sleep at night. Feeling accomplished at the end of the day helps me get ready for another day of success and it’s said it only takes 30 days to make or break a habit. So, 30 days of being motivated means a habit of motivating myself.

Everyone has different ways to help them stay focused it’s a matter of figuring out what kind of reward to dangle in front of yourself. For me it’s napping, friends, and the gym. For other people it might be alone time or a walk outside maybe even online shopping! Once you figure out how to get yourself in gear it’s best to stay there.

Put good energy into the world, and put good energy into yourself.


Author: Samantha

I believe everyone in life has a purpose. Right now I am on my way to finding mine. With the helpful hints and emotional support of others I have managed to keep moving forward in a world that constantly tries to push you back. This is my journey.

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